Selecting the Perfect Bedroom Window Treatments

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary. After a long day, you should be able to retreat to a place of tranquility in order to wind down and catch up on some precious sleep. Whether you’re looking for romantic ambiance, blinds to control sunlight or window treatments to protect your privacy, you can dress up your bedroom windows without sacrificing style; after all, window coverings should be both useful and beautiful.

Here are a few options to consider when selecting a style for your bedroom windows.

  • Shades are extremely popular because of their nearly endless range of styles, colors and patterns, not to mention they work well with just about any decorating style. There are many varieties of shades, including bamboo, cellular, Roman, pleated, solar, motorized, and roller.
  • Blinds are a simple, modern window treatment that is great for bedrooms because they add privacy and are effective at blocking out sunlight. Blinds in Chandler AZ are available in wood, metal and vinyl.
  • Shutters are a classic, sophisticated window treatment that are energy efficient, offer ample light control, and are timeless in their design. They work especially well in coastal, cottage, country, or rustic rooms by adding structural and architectural lines to the space.
  • Drapery panels can add color, character, and privacy to a space. Also, if you’re sensitive to light or sleep during the daytime and need to keep daylight out, blackout drapes are ideal.

Let our design team help you choose the window treatment option that is both stylish and functional with a free in-home design consultation. Contact Southwest Blinds & Shutters today at (480) 415-8542. You can also visit our showroom located in Gilbert, AZ.

Functional and Fashionable Glass Door Treatments

Whether your home has sliding glass doors, French doors, or glass patio doors, there is a glass door treatment covering available that will suit your style and design aesthetic. Just as you’ve selected the window coverings that function best for your needs and looks best in that room, the same applies to glass door window treatments. Don’t limit your options to only coverings designed specifically for doors. Window coverings work just as well and as seamlessly as coverings made specifically for doors.

At Southwest Blinds & Shutters, we can create specialized options for glass doors that will leave your home standing out for the very best reasons. When you work with us you can be sure you’ll receive personalized advice, guidance and the inspiration you need to transform your home. Forget vertical blinds; consider some of these functional and fashionable glass door treatment options.

Wood blinds add instant warmth to any space. No matter if your style is traditional, modern, contemporary, or rustic there is an affordable, durable option available.

Sheer shades help showcase the beautiful architecture of a door. They are also great at allowing plenty of light and brightness in without sacrificing privacy.

Shutters are perfect for a country cottage or in a clean, crisp, classic setting. A unique choice for patio and sliding-glass doors, our team will create the perfect setup, installing the right wooden shutters to fit your aesthetic.

Explore the many options that are available for door shutters in Phoenix, AZ and transform any room in your home from ordinary to extraordinary.

Lower Your Energy Bill with Window Treatments

Window treatments usually serve two purposes in our homes: One, for the most practical reason, they offer much-needed privacy, especially in bedrooms and bathrooms. Two, we dress up our windows in drapes, blinds and decorative shades for beauty and style purposes. But, what if we told you that with the right materials those same window coverings could help lower your monthly energy bills?

Whether you prefer shades, blinds, drapes, or shutters, you can minimize heat loss in winter and heat gain in the summer, which can significantly lower both heating and cooling costs. This is a cheaper alternative to replacing windows that are weak and allow cold air in or warm air to escape. Most importantly however is proper installation. For example, mounting shades as close to the glass as possible and right up against the adjacent wall creates a tight seal.

Before investing in energy efficient window treatments, consider which room(s) the treatments will be going into, what the room is used for and how much you plan to open or close them. Knowing these details will help you make the right decision based on the room and your usage.

To learn more about energy efficient window treatments and blinds in Chandler, AZ, contact Southwest Blinds & Shutters for a free in-home estimate and consultation.

How to Choose the Right Window Coverings

When your window coverings need updating there are many options to choose from. Are blinds best? Which shades are ideal; roman, roller, sheer? Or rather, would wood or plantation shutters look best? It can be a hard choice to make, for sure!

Pinpointing your wants will help you to narrow down the choices. If you’re looking for clean lines and defined boarders that frame your window, roller shades in Phoenix AZ are the perfect solution. Fashion and function are rolled into one design and will give your home an understated elegance.

Blinds, of course, are a go-to feature in many homes, too. Wooden blinds, in fact, are one of the most popular window coverings to date. Wood blinds are light-weight, strong, and durable. You also won’t need to sacrifice style in your window treatments, as custom wooden, aluminum and vertical blinds come in a wide variety of colors and textures.

So what exactly do you take into consideration when choosing a window treatment? First, do you prefer more of a hard/sturdy look of a wooden or aluminum blind, or the soft look of a linen or cotton roller shade?

You must also consider the lighting in the room. Blinds have slats or vanes that open and close for light adjustment, whereas shades are constructed in a continuous roll, with the only adjustment for light and view is up or down. However, if you choose a light filtering fabric, you’ll be able to let in natural light while keeping your window covered for complete privacy.

Both blinds and shades can give your home a high end look. If you’re decorating a formal living or dining room, try wood blinds or roman shades in a luxurious fabric. If you want your windows to make a statement rather than blend into the background go with roller shades in a colorful print.

The Benefits of Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters Phoenix, AZPlantation shutters take their name from the grand plantations in the American South. They were, however, first used in ancient Greece as louvered window coverings made of marble that added security and protection from severe weather. Today’s plantation shutters are becoming increasingly popular.

Customers in states like Arizona, Nevada, California, and Utah purchase them for their ability to reduce the intensity of the sun. By reducing the damaging effects of UV rays, they add extra protection against the fading of furniture and floors. Other major benefits of plantation shutters include:

Ease of Use: The separate controls on plantation shutters make it possible to open the top and bottom louvers separately, which is particularly good for transitioning from day to night.

Curb Appeal: These shutters are viewable from the outside as well and are known to add curb appeal to any home.

Increased Property Value: Adding plantation shutters makes your home more appealing to potential buyers as they stay with the home when it is sold.

Privacy: The added level of privacy also adds more security. Blocking visual access is a deterrent to would-be criminals who try to scope out your possessions.

Sound Barrier: Plantation shutters add an extra level of noise protection against sounds coming through your windows.

Southwest Blinds & Shutters carries a wide variety of plantation shutters in Phoenix, AZ. The company’s collections include the traditional 2.5 inch size as well as a 3.5 inch size for large areas with high ceilings. Contact them today for more information and a free in-home estimate.

All You Need to Know About Roman Shades

Roman shades in pet-themed bathroomRoman shades can be a gorgeous way to accent any room in the home. At Southwest Blinds & Shutters, we offer a variety of Roman shades in Chandler, AZ that are sure to fully pull your home together. There are a variety of different types to choose from and they are perfect for homeowners who don’t want to take up a whole lot of wall space with their curtains. Below are some of the different types of Roman shades available for the home.

Flat Roman Shades: Flat roman shades are perfect to pair with drapes for a multi-dimensional look with your window coverings. When pulled up, they fold into each other, creating a flat and paneled look.

Relaxed Shades: Relaxed shades have a slightly more traditional look to them, but can be stunning in a bathroom above a sink or in a little girl’s bedroom. There isn’t much construction to them, so they have a slight bow in the middle, providing a rounded look.

Butterfly Shades: Butterfly shades look best in a traditional home and have the same bowing as relaxed shades, but there’s an extra bunch of fabric on either end. These are beautiful shades to use in a large bathroom or living area.

If you’re interested in learning more about how these gorgeous shades can fit into your home, contact Southwest Blinds & Shutters today at (480) 415-8542. You can also visit our showroom located in Gilbert, AZ.

Somfy Blinds Arizona – Motorization by Southwest Blinds

We are a leading provider in Arizona of Somfy Blinds and Motorized Solutions. We offer their full line of products including battery powered blinds and shades, hardwired blinds and shades, and the Somfy My Link. We also work with automation companies and integrators on more complex systems that need to integrate with home automation systems like Control 4 and Crestron that require an URTSI and programming.

Window Treatments Queen Creek AZ- Blinds – Shades – Shutters

Southwest Blinds and Shutters is proud to provide homeowners in Queen Creek, Arizona and San Tan Valley with the very best in custom blinds, shades, and shutters. We offer Free In Home Design Consultations Monday thru Saturday in Queen Creek and the surrounding areas. We also have a showroom that is minutes from Queen Creek, 1 mile west of the San Tan Mall in Gilbert. We have many staff members who live in Queen Creek and we love to add beauty to the homes in our backyard.

To see our current special offers click here and save. We have installed hundreds of window covering projects in neighborhoods like Trilogy, Cortina, Sossoman Estates, The Pecans, and more.

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Custom Plantation Shutters Chandler AZ


Plantation shutters are the most popular window covering in Arizona. At Southwest Blinds and Shutters,  we offer an exciting array of custom plantation shutters for our Chandler, AZ customers in a variety of materials, styles, finishes, and price ranges. Here is a short list of our product line. For more information you can request a Free In Home Shutter Consultation by calling 480-415-8542, filling out the form on this page, or emailing a request to


Poly Shutters

Because we deal with extreme heat in Chandler, resistance to sun damage, durability, and energy efficiency are prime concerns when considering which shutter to put in your home. The right Faux wood shutter is energy efficient, extremely durable, waterproof, and will not yellow, warp, or crack. Poly shutters are available in shades of white only.


Poly Shutter Chandler

Custom Poly Shutter

Composite Shutters

Composite shutters are a mixture of wood fibers, fillers, and binders, that are coated in plastic. Composite shutters are an affordable option and a good option for a homeowner on a budget. Composite shutters are not waterproof so they should not be installed in bathrooms, above kitchen sinks, or in wet areas.

Wood Shutters

Wood Shutters are the most versatile shutter option because they are available in so many different styles. Wood shutters can be painted, stained, glazed, distressed, custom painted, and custom stained. We can build them in any color and virtually any shape. It is extremely important, especially in Arizona, that you choose a quality wood shutter. Low budget wood shutters are low budget for a reason and many of the critical steps that ensure the integrity of the product are skipped.


Wood Shutters Chandler

Custom Wood Shutter

  To see these wonderful shutters in person please visit our showroom at the border of Chandler and Gilbert on Williamsfield Road.




Window Treatments Scottsdale

Window Treatment Scottsdale

There are so many exciting window treatments available for Scottsdale homeowners to enhance their windows and create beautiful spaces that are energy efficient, stylish, and functional. At Southwest Blinds and Shutters we’re excited to carry the latest and greatest window fashions from brands like Alta Window Fashions, Horizon Shades, Q Motion, Somfy, Graber Blinds, Norman Window Coverings, and more. With so many options, narrowing down the choices and choosing a window covering can be a daunting task. Here are some things to consider when making this choice.

  1. How important are privacy and light control?  Window coverings can generally be broken down into two classes – Tilters and Lifters. A tilting product like a wood blind or shutter has louvers or slats that can easily be tilted to control the light that enters the room. While a wood blind can be raised they are generally heavier and not designed to be raised frequently on large windows. A lifting product like a cellular, roller, or roman shade are designed to be raised up and down easily, exposing the full view. Full privacy can only be achieved when the shade is completely lowered, covering the window. A new class of window covering has emerged that is both a tilter and a lifter called an Allure shade or Dual Shade. This shade has horizontal bands of fabric that can be raised up and down to control the light and privacy. The bands can also be fully raised to expose the view.
  2. Do I have specific light control needs? How dark or bright do you want the room to be? Some window coverings like a honeycomb shade give you full privacy while still allowing light to enter the room. A screen roller shade can filter light and still allow view thru. For bedrooms, room darkening fabric shades are available to block the light from entering the room. Side and bottom channels can also be added to seal off even more light creating a dark and comfortable sleeping environment.
  3. Can I access the windows easily?  There are a variety of lifting systems  available depending on the windows accessibility including standard cord lifts, continuous cord lifts, cordless lifts, retractable cord lifts, and motorization. You’ll want to consider how you will reach and operate whatever is covering the window and if you have child or pet safety concerns.
  4. Is energy efficiency a concern?  Living in Arizona and living thru 120 degree summers I can tell you that choosing the right energy efficient window treatment can literally save you hundreds of dollar a year on your energy bill. Some of the most energy efficient window coverings include cellular shades, roman shades, shutters, screen roller shades, and solar screens.
  5. What do I want to look at everyday?  The final element and typically the primary concern is finding a window covering that will enhance your space and fit with your homes design style. This is where working with an experienced window covering designer can be critical, relying on their expertise to create a great design.

Window Coverings Scottsdale

So with all these choices to consider what should you do? At Southwest Blinds and Shutters we offer a Free In Home Design Consultation which we feel is absolutely critical to any successful window covering project. These Design Consultations are not a quick quote, get in/get out estimate. We take the design process seriously. Our Window Covering Designers are window covering specialists who take time to listen to your needs, review your space, and work thru the design process with you. We carry hundreds of variations of blinds, shades, shutters, and draperies and are versed in the pro’s and con’s of each treatment and seek to educate our clients so they can make informed decisions. It is not uncommon for us to do multiple Free visits before deciding on the final design. If you’re interested in booking a Free No Obligation Design Consultation with one of our Window Covering Designers call 480-415-8542, fill out the form on this page, or email

For inspiration visit our product gallery

We currently offer valleywide service in Arizona including Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Carefree, Cave Creek, Fountain Hills, the east valley, and the west valley.