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Those are really cool but how much do motorized blinds cost? We get this question everyday from homeowners around the Southwest looking to upgrade their existing old model corded shades to something new and exciting. The quick answer is $200 to $1500. The detailed answer comes in four parts – the cost of the motor, the cost of the window covering, the installation/programming cost, and the cost of accessories.

Cost of the Motor

Motors range from $200 for a very basic autowand motor, $375 to $800 for a battery powered RTS motor, and up to $1500 or more for a hardwired motor. At Southwest Blinds and Shutters we prefer using proven motor systems like Somfy Systems and Q Motion. Both of these manufacturers have extremely reliable, versatile, and quality systems.

Cost of the Window Covering

Window coverings vary in price and can be designed to meet a variety of budgets. We have basic blinds and shades that are hundreds of dollars and higher end designer shades and blinds that can be thousands of dollars. The price of window coverings vary greatly by product, manufacturer, fabric, and options.

Cost of Installation/Programming

Every project is unique but you can expect to pay between $35 to $75 to have a basic motorized shade installed and programmed. Some things that can increase the cost of an installation are high windows, difficult to reach windows, complex motor systems, or smart programming. We recently completed a motorized shade project for a commercial client that took 5 installers 26 hours each to complete the project for a total of 130 man hours. That job was a combination of extreme work environment, complicated windows, and a complex motorized system. Needless to say that project didn’t fit in the $35 to $75 range.

Cost of Accessories

Home automation is sweeping the country with cool new products like Amazon’s Alexa and the Google Home and homeowners want the ability to make their window coverings smart. Accessories like Somfy’s MyLink, URTSII, and Qsync allow homeowners to control their window coverings from a cell phone, tablet, or with home automation devices. Automatic shades can now be programmed to raise and lower at different times of day depending on the angle of the sun making your home more energy efficient. You can also program the blinds to accomodate your lifestyle, automatically raising at 7am to wake up your teenagers for school, lowering in the afternoon to block the sun, and then raising them again to enjoy sunset. All of this can be accomplished without lifting a finger.


motorized roller shade

Motorized window coverings are awesome and at Southwest Blinds and Shutters we love helping customers achieve great results with their automatic shades. For a free design consultation call us at (480) 415-8542 or fill out our form on this page.