A Brief History of Southwest Blinds and Shutters

Unlike today’s shutters in Phoenix, AZ, which come in numerous styles and materials, the earliest forms of shutters were protection against rain, insects, and vandals. Some were closed with an iron bar to add extra security and protection. Centuries ago exterior solid wood shutters were used around garden walls in royal courts. In fact, the term “louvre” is said to be named after King Louis XIV of France who once lived in a dwelling called the Louvre. Interior shutters are thought to have become standard fixtures on buildings first in ancient Greece for their ability to control light, ventilation, and protection in inclement weather. While many of the earliest shutters were made out of marble, they were eventually replaced by wood as it was easier to produce.

By the 15th to the 17th century, glass windows were used but were extremely expensive so they were mostly used in the upper part of the window opening.  Solid shutters—used below the window sash—were used to open and close windows. They were later replaced with hinged glazed sashes. Soon after interior shutters became more popular for decoration and style rather than just for practical purposes. In the 19th century Victorian era, at the time homes began to be built with wood, wooden shutters were used on the exterior of houses. Building walls were thinner with wood so it was easy to have indoor access to exterior shutters.

Today shutters in Phoenix, AZ, are known for the classic style they add to homes, while offering privacy, security, light and ventilation control. The three main shutter styles are plantation, cottage, and West Coast plantation. The most popular plantation shutters are usually set inside a window frame and are styled with wide louvers that open and close. Cottage shutters have smaller louvers and are attached by hinges to the window frame. West Coast plantation shutters—most popular in California—have the largest panels. Most are made out of wood, wood composites, fiberglass, or vinyl and used in the following rooms:

  • Kitchen
  • Bath
  • Bedroom
  • Living Room
  • Dining Room
  • Baby & Kid’s Room

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