Choose Stunning Plantation Shutters in Phoenix, AZ

With the scorching heat in Arizona, it’s smart to do all you can to help relieve the symptoms of oppressive heat. Some of the most practical benefits of plantation shutters in Phoenix, AZ, include:

  • Low maintenance and health benefits.
  • Privacy and perceived security.
  • Sound and thermal insulation.
  • UV protection and flexible light control.
  • Investment and curb appeal.

Plantation shutters from Southwest Blinds & Shutters are made to fit most windows and special sizes and shapes. The width of the louver can be as narrow as 1.5 inches or as wide as 4.5 inches. If your home is situated close to a neighbor’s, plantation shutters are able to be controlled in terms of the light and the views you want to see. You can tilt plantation shutters to match any view you want. When you choose plantation shutters in Phoenix, AZ, you are adding a stunning design appeal that lasts. Our plantation shutters come in different louver widths and colors. While white tends to be the most popular color for plantation shutters, they also come in a variety of colors. In addition if you are on a tight budget, you may want to look into purchasing vinyl shutters rather than wood.

When you are ready to order your plantation shutters in Phoenix, AZ, there are a few details to consider. Think about whether you want full shutters, which open as one panel or café shutters, which open over half of the window below eye level.  You may also want to consider double hung shutters which are separately opened at both the top and the bottom. Like other kinds of window coverings, you can mount plantation shutters inside or outside the window opening. Your choice may depend on whether or not you have molding around your windows. And, lastly, you want to figure out whether you want the shutters’ tilt bars to show as in a traditional tilt bar, or whether you want to hide it with a modern tilt apparatus.

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