Countless Options in Window Shades

Add a unique touch to every room in your home with the product selection from Southwest Blinds & Shutters. As a top provider of window shades in Gilbert, Arizona, we are proud to offer endless options for each of our customers. Whether you are looking for more privacy or you would like a way to transform the atmosphere in your space, we give you the perfect way to achieve your goals. Our product line includes everything from cellular to roller shades in Phoenix, AZ, with countless style options to choose from for your location. Shop with us today to add the right touch to any room.

Energy Efficient Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are some of the most versatile and energy efficient window coverings around. Often called honeycomb shades, cellular shades are great for everything from windows and skylights to arches and French doors. We also offer a vertical cellular shade that is designed for use on sliding doors. Our cellular shades are available in the following options:

  • Standard Cord, Continuous Cord Loop, or Cordless
  • Motorization
  • Single Cell, Double Cell, Triple Cell, & Architella - a Cell within a Cell
  • Light Filtering, Room Darkening, & Blackout
  • Sun up/Sun down & Top down Bottom up

Filter Light with Roller Shades

Roller shades in Phoenix, AZ have made a huge comeback over the last 5 years and are a leading window covering when clean lines and simplicity are desired. Rollers are highly customizable with a wide variety of colors and fabrics. They're a fantastic way to lend a trendy touch to any room.

A Modern Twist from Allure Shades

Allure shades, or dual shades, offer you privacy that combines with a softened view. Simply line up the stripes on the fabric and you have wide sections of sheer fabric to let in light. Pull the cord and the sheer sections become solid giving total privacy. Allure shades are available in Sundown, Couplitaire, and Visionare options.

Sheer Shades: A Classic Look

Popularized by Hunter Douglas and their product Silhouette, sheer shades are a great alternative to traditional wood blinds. Sheer shades have a front and back sheer and solid fabric vane that appear to float in between the sheers. The solid fabric vane helps to block the light while the sheers diffuse light into the room. These products are available in the following options:

  • 2", 3", and 4" Vanes Available
  • Wide Selection of Color
  • Variety of Textures Available

Natural Woven Wood Shades

Our woven wood shades are unique in color and characteristics. Featuring the strongest materials and superior craftsmanship, each shade is made to minimize warping, stretching, and bowing. Each natural shade is hand woven from bamboo, reeds, grass, and wood that originates from countries all over the world. For your convenience, these shades are available with privacy liners and room darkening liners.

Style & Function from Roman Shades in Chandler, AZ

Roman shades from Chandler, AZ are great for someone who wants the elegance of a drapery but the functionality of a window shade. These products are available in the following options:

  • Standard Cord, Continuous Cord Loop, or Cordless
  • Motorization
  • Pleated, Classic, Hobbled, Relaxed, & London
  • Light Filtering, Room Darkening, Blackout, & Thermal Lined
  • Top Down Bottom Up

Contact us to explore our stock of window shades for your space. We carry cellular shades and countless other products for purchase throughout Gilbert, Arizona.