Southwest Energy-Efficient Cellular Shades

Enjoy impressive energy savings and a fully shaded home with cellular shades. Southwest Blinds & Shutters in Phoenix, AZ offer some of the most versatile and energy-efficient window coverings on the market. They effectively filter light and insulate your windows as well. This is especially important living an Arizona where the heat gets intense. Also referred to as honeycomb shades, they are available in several options:

  • Standard Cord, Continuous Cord Loop, or Cordless
  • Motorization Options
  • Single Cell, Double Cell, Triple Cell, & Architella (A Cell within a Cell)
  • Light Filtering, Room Darkening, & Blackout
  • Sun Up/Sun Down, Top Down/Bottom Up

Ideal Places to Put Your Honeycomb Shades

Cellular Shade - EntryDid you know that windows and doors account for about one third of a home’s energy loss? Whether you’re losing heat in the winter or preventing heat from coming in during the summer, you need shades that are high performing. Cell shades are perfect for just about any window: traditional windows, skylights, arches, French doors, and even room dividers. Our vertical cellular shades are also designed for use on sliding doors. These types of shades ride on a track and can be pulled side to side just like your gliding door.

What Are Blackout Cellular Shades?

Sometimes you want it dark in your room. Whether you work the evening shift and need to sleep during the day or you want blackout cellular shades in your baby’s room, these shades are perfect for keeping out natural light. Prevent the light and heat from entering you room with blackout shades. In addition, you’ll find that you’ll save money on your electric bill because your air conditioner will not need to work over time.

Add Extra Ambiance with Cellular Shades

Graber_Cellular_Closeup2You deserve more than shades that are purely functional. You also need ones that add appeal to your rooms. Our shades do that for you. Any shape, any color, and any size. We customize our products to suit your needs and your design preferences. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. That’s why we offer quality products and so many options. Throughout the years, our company has been transforming homes by selling and installing premium shades. In fact, we have completed thousands of window covering projects for residential and commercial customers.

Contact us to schedule a free in-home estimate today. Our window covering company proudly serves customers throughout Gilbert, Arizona.