Allure Dual Shades in Phoenix

Dual Shades - StudyBlend beauty, privacy, and energy efficiency by using Allure dual shades from our window covering company in Gilbert, Arizona. One of the most unique shades in the industry, dual shade blinds allow you to go from complete privacy to full light or soft-filtered light. Our product is essentially two shades in one – a shade for the room side and a privacy shade for the street side. At Southwest Blinds & Shutters in Phoenix, AZ, we call it a modern shade with flair.

Cover your windows with a shade that is smart, stylish, and distinctly unique. Allure dual blinds offer an endless variety of viewing and light control options just by raising or lowering it. The various bands of sheer and colored fabrics allow you to control the privacy and light at every level. Use them in your windows and patio doors to create the look you want in your home.

How Dual Shade Blinds Work?

Dual blinds by Allure have a front and back fabric that is striped. When you line up the stripes, you allow light to enter your home through wide sections of sheer. Pull the cord and the sheer sections become solid. This provides complete total privacy when needed. If you continue pulling the cord, the shade rolls up into a small container and disappears. Available in a wide variety of contemporary fabrics, our dual blinds are sure to turn heads. Some of the shade options include:

  • Sundown – Blends Beauty with Privacy
    These transitional shades transform from light filtering to room darkening based on the amount of sun entering your home.
  • Couplitaire – Two Shades in One
    This innovative blind provides shade to the room side and a privacy shade to the street side.
  • Visionare – The Vertical Orientation of Allure
    Versatile for use in windows or patio doors, the Visionare is unsurpassed. When installed on a patio door, it is able to roll up into a covered headrail for tight spaces.

Dual Blinds for Perfect Privacy

Dual Shades - CloseupWe believe that privacy is a personal matter. If you want to let the light shine in, you can. But you can also control the privacy as well. In addition to all the unique features of dual blinds in Phoenix, AZ, they are stunningly customizable as well. With so many colors and styles to choose from, you are able to select a product that perfectly matches your home’s décor. If you need help choosing, simply schedule a free in-home consultation with us today.

Contact us for free estimates when you want to install dual shades in your home. Our window covering company proudly serves customers throughout Gilbert, Arizona.