Shutters For Sliding Glass Doors In Arizona – Southwest Blinds

Plantation shutters are one of the most popular window treatments in Arizona and most homes have a sliding glass door that will require a window covering. Why mix and match when you can have a beautiful Plantation Shutter for your Sliding Glass Door. Here is a short video explaining the types of sliding glass door shutters including Closed Bypass Sliding Shutters, Open Bypass Sliding Shutters, and Bifold Shutters on a Track.



Bypass Sliding Door Shutters

Here is an actual picture of a chestnut stained Closed Bypass Shutter on a Sliding Glass Door. Notice that the frame is constructed of 2 side legs approximately 1″ thick, 6″ deep, and 98″ tall. The header that holds the tracks is 6″ deep, 1 3/4″ thick, and covered with a decorative valance. The 2 tracks are installed under the valance and allow each shutter panel to move completely from left to right so that you can clean both sides of the glass. We typically do not install a bottom track unless a special request is made. Bottom tracks can be a nuisance to people entering in and out the door.

Shutter For Sliding Door in Arizona

Bifold Shutter For Sliding Door

Here is a Bifold Shutter for a Sliding Glass Door. This option is not as common but works well in instances where view thru is important. Bifold panels can be folded off the glass to expose the window. Bifold Shutters can be made with and without a track.

Bifold Shutter on a Sliding Door Arizona

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