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Window Coverings in Scottsdale

Window Treatment Scottsdale

There are so many exciting window treatments available for Scottsdale homeowners to enhance their windows and create beautiful spaces that are energy efficient, stylish, and functional. At Southwest Blinds and Shutters we’re excited to carry the latest and greatest window fashions from brands like Alta Window Fashions, Horizon Shades, Q Motion, Somfy, Graber Blinds, Norman Window Coverings, and more. With so many options, narrowing down the choices and choosing a window covering can be a daunting task. Here are some things to consider when making this choice.

  1. How important are privacy and light control?  Window coverings can generally be broken down into two classes – Tilters and Lifters. A tilting product like a wood blind or shutter has louvers or slats that can easily be tilted to control the light that enters the room. While a wood blind can be raised they are generally heavier and not designed to be raised frequently on large windows. A lifting product like a cellular, roller, or roman shade are designed to be raised up and down easily, exposing the full view. Full privacy can only be achieved when the shade is completely lowered, covering the window. A new class of window covering has emerged that is both a tilter and a lifter called an Allure shade or Dual Shade. This shade has horizontal bands of fabric that can be raised up and down to control the light and privacy. The bands can also be fully raised to expose the view.
  2. Do I have specific light control needs? How dark or bright do you want the room to be? Some window coverings like a honeycomb shade give you full privacy while still allowing light to enter the room. A screen roller shade can filter light and still allow view thru. For bedrooms, room darkening fabric shades are available to block the light from entering the room. Side and bottom channels can also be added to seal off even more light creating a dark and comfortable sleeping environment.
  3. Can I access the windows easily?  There are a variety of lifting systems  available depending on the windows accessibility including standard cord lifts, continuous cord lifts, cordless lifts, retractable cord lifts, and motorization. You’ll want to consider how you will reach and operate whatever is covering the window and if you have child or pet safety concerns.
  4. Is energy efficiency a concern?  Living in Arizona and living thru 120 degree summers I can tell you that choosing the right energy efficient window treatment can literally save you hundreds of dollar a year on your energy bill. Some of the most energy efficient window coverings include cellular shades, roman shades, shutters, screen roller shades, and solar screens.
  5. What do I want to look at everyday?  The final element and typically the primary concern is finding a window covering that will enhance your space and fit with your homes design style. This is where working with an experienced window covering designer can be critical, relying on their expertise to create a great design.

Window Coverings Scottsdale

So with all these choices to consider what should you do? At Southwest Blinds and Shutters we offer a Free In Home Design Consultation which we feel is absolutely critical to any successful window covering project. These Design Consultations are not a quick quote, get in/get out estimate. We take the design process seriously. Our Window Covering Designers are window covering specialists who take time to listen to your needs, review your space, and work thru the design process with you. We carry hundreds of variations of blinds, shades, shutters, and draperies and are versed in the pro’s and con’s of each treatment and seek to educate our clients so they can make informed decisions. It is not uncommon for us to do multiple Free visits before deciding on the final design. If you’re interested in booking a Free No Obligation Design Consultation with one of our Window Covering Designers call 480-415-8542, fill out the form on this page, or email

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