The Perfect Plantation Shutters for Every Room

Interior shutters, also known as plantation shutters, are a classic and elegant addition to any room in your home. They blend long-lasting finishes with exceptional craftsmanship and are both durable and easy to operate.

Louvers, the trademark feature of interior shutters, give them an elegant look, which works well in dining rooms and bedrooms. But these versatile window treatments also translate to a more casual setting like living rooms and kitchens. Shutter options include the following popular trends: wooden, plantation, faux wood, composite and door shutters.

Here’s a breakdown by type to help you determine which is best for your home.
Composite Plantation Shutters
Composite plantation shutters, sometimes called engineered wood, fake wood or faux wood, are made of engineered wood, which is MDF wrapped in a vinyl or PVC coating. They are very sturdy, while also being weather and humidity resistant. They offer an affordable alternative to wood shutters.

Vinyl Plantation Shutters
Vinyl shutters are the least expensive of the plantation blinds. Vinyl shutters contain no wood, but they can have PVC or aluminum supports for stability. Their main advantage is cost. They’re also weather resistant and good in high-moisture areas.

Wood Plantation Shutters
The ultimate shutter is a true wood shutter.  It has the highest strength-to-weight ratio, making it very light and strong. Wood can be customized into varying shapes and sizes, and it can be painted or stained, unlike vinyl and composite, which are prefabricated into styles and colors.

With all of the different window treatments available, it can be difficult to make the right choice. No matter what style you are looking for, you can count on our team of interior designers to bring your design ideas to life. Schedule a consultation with our team today to create custom shutters in Phoenix, AZ that are perfect for your home.